Gas Tumble Dryers

Gas tumble dryers are available for both mains/natural gas and LPG/bottle gas .

A Gas tumble dryer dries clothes in around 1/2 the time,producing around 1/2 the greenhouse emissions of electric dryers

and cost about 1/2 as much to run,in addition to all the great environmental,time and running cost savings of the new dry soft dryer,

The quality of the dryness and softness of the clothes is also far superior.

gas heated air combined with in built sensors ensures that clothes don't over-dry.This eliminates the build up of static electricity and

ensures that clothes are not only soft, but reduces the majority of wrinkles and ultimately the amount of ironing required.Easy to use

controls feature 5 individual drying programs and with a timer an auto-stop function which senses the moisture content and automatically

stops the cycle when the clothes are dry.This saves on over drying and further saves on running costs.